Be informed on how to save energy and money in your homes

 Larnaca Municipality takes part in the FIESTA Project which is co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe program and aims to reduce energy consumption by the use of heating and cooling systems which consequently will reduce the reduction of emissions CO2.   It is addressed to families with children whose needs for heating and cooling systems is more.  Through the FIESTA program, the members of the families with children who will participate will be encouraged to change or/and may improve their daily habits so as to become more energy efficient.  In Larnaca the FIESTA Energy Help Desk has been created in order to perform checks of energy consumption in houses and to issue special discount coupons for the purchase of electrical appliances with energy efficiency.

The energy consumption checks are carried out free for houses in the town and district of Larnaca.  The checks include a quick visit at the interested homes for the completion of data regarding the consumption of energy (such as electricity bills, other energy sources, elements of the house structure, electrical appliances, etc).   After the visit, the data is processed on a special program and a report is prepared including advices for the specific requirements of each house. Additionally, each family receives a lottery ticket to take part in a draw for the winning of electrical appliances with low emissions. Two draws will take place.  The first one took  place in December 2016 where 14 electrical appliances were offered.  The 2nd draw will take place some time during the summer of 2017.

The discount coupons are offered free and include the winning of discounts between 10% to 20% on electrical appliances of low emissions (i.e. air-conditions, refrigerators, washing machines etc) from shops in Larnaca collaborating in the program.  This action is named the  FIESTA Discount program.

The above two actions under the FIESTA project will help the participants save energy and money. (Please note that first come first served applies for both actions)

 In order to submit applications for the energy consumption checks or for more information on how to get the discount coupons, you can visit the webpage http:/  or visit the office on 3rd floor of the Larnaca Town Hall or call 24816556.


The Athienou Municipality takes part in the FIESTA project through the Larnaca Municipality..

Information provided through the program:

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