Published in the Official Newspaper of the Republic of Cyprus on 07/08/2015, KD267 / 2015, No.4886, notification of a General Property Assessment of properties located in the whole of Cyprus at 1/1/2013 values. This value will only be used as a basis for taxation purposes.

This need, to ensure an up-to-date and uniform assessment of the real estate, arose from the provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Troika, since the earlier general property valuation took place on the 1/1/1980.

General Auxiliary List 1/1/2013.

The Department of Lands and Surveys has communicated to the Municipality of Athienou data in relation to the New General Assessment of Properties at 1/1/2013 values.

Citizens interested in getting informed can contact the Municipality of Athienou in person presenting their identity card.

In particular cases where this is not possible, a relevant authorization form is required for the owner concerned to inform another person of the details of the new general appraisal of his property.

To better serve the public, as well as for the easier access of interested owners, the new valuations at 1/1/2013 values, are posted on the website of the Municipality of Athienou. For more details please click HERE. (only greek version)


New General Property Valuation Methodology at 01.01.2013 Values

It is noted that anyone interested can be informed about the new values ​​of properties through the website of the Department of Lands and Surveys ( ) or by phone at the unified Pancyprian number 7777 7730.

Right of objection

Each owner retains the right to object, which may be submitted within six months of the date of publication of the results of the General Assessment in the Official Newspaper of the Republic. The objection can be submitted at any District Land Office, regardless of where the property is located.

The objection may be submitted through the pre-determined Entity Form and Form N314A (to complete the property’s appraisal characteristics) after the fees have been paid to the Department of Lands and Surveys.

Municipal property tax for the year 2015, Article 74 – Municipalities Law.

The imposition of a municipal property tax by the municipality of Athienou at a rate of 1.5 % on the value of immovable property is regulated by the provisions of Article 74 of the Municipalities Law.

For the tax year 2015, the tax was charged on the basis of the estimates of properties at 1/1/1980 values ​​ and not 1/1/2013 values.

The Municipal services remain at the disposal of the public for any kind of help and further information on the matter.