Visions for the upgrade of the cultural life in the Municipality began to be implemented due to progressive attempts of some locals.

The Municipal Cultural Group currently consists of three departments:

  • The Choir of the Municipality with Mrs. Christina Chatzistathi as the maestro,
  • The Dance Group of the Municipality with Mr. Mattheos Alampritis as the dance teacher,
  • The theater group of the Municipality directed by Mr. Kyriakos Kyriakou.

Recently the Children’s Choir of the Municipality of Athienou has been set up with Mrs. Evdokia Chatzicharou as the maestro.

The aims and goals of the Municipal Cultural Group of Athienou (1999) aimed at a Municipal Cultural Group, who would project our community.

It is under the supervision of the Municipal Cultural Committee and its main goals are:

  • creating artistic and cultural events, creations, etc.
  • healthy employment and intellectual development of its members,
  • recording the cypriot customs and traditions and presenting them through music, dance, and any other possible way,



President: Evangelia Chatzigiannakis
Vice President: Lefteris Simos
Secretary: Marios Pierides
Treasurer: Maria Vouri


  • Stavroula Pedoulidou
  • Maria Kolokou
  • Emilia Sava
  • Eleni Koumidou
  • Lefteris Lambrou
  • Michalis Magou

Dance Department

The dance department of the Municipal Cultural Group started operating in 2011 and currently more than 70 members participate, under 20 years old. The instructor is mr. Mattheos Alampritis, who takes care of the continuous updating of the department with various forms of dance (traditional, Cypriot, European, Greek )

Theatrical Scheme

The theatrical scheme of the Municipal Cultural Group launched its operations in 2003 by a group of energetic young people who love the theater and dared to amateurly engage in it aiming at the cultural enhancement of the Municipality.

Leader of this effort, which began in 2003 but continues until today with stable, and remarkable steps is Mr. Kyriakos Kyriakou, undertaking the role of director offers his services to the theatrical scheme.

The theatrical scheme takes part in the annual Cyprus Amateur Theater Festival organized by the Cyprus Theatre Organization since 2003.

  • ‘An Italian girl in Kipseli’, 2003
  • ‘Beating originates from heaven’, 2004
  • ‘Abnormal Landing’, 2005

Undoubtedly, the theatrical scheme gives a strong emphasis on the theatrical education, beyond devotion and love for the arts. Theatrical performances organized, but especially their success proves the remarkable efforts of its members.


The choir of the Municipal Cultural Group of Athienou started though the love of some locals who selflessly decided to devote their free time contributing to the cultural enhancement of Athienou. It started running in October 1999 as a mixed-voice choir under the direction of Mr. Christos Pechlivanis and had 18 members. Since September 2001 Miss Christina Chatzistathi is the maestro of the choir.

Its members have now doubled and it has been upgraded to a four-voice mixed choir. The choir takes part in various events of social and cultural character both in Athienou and in other cities. In May 2003, the first meeting of choirs was organized in Athienou with the choir of Deryneia joining our local choir. In 2004, the choir of the Municipality of Xanthi (Greece) was hosted and in August of the same year our choir made an appearance in Xanthi. In 2005, the choir of Volos (Greece) was hosted and in August of the same year our local choir made a corresponding appearance in Volos. In December 2006, our choir was hosted by the Arioso choir in Dijon (France), performing a show. In April 2007, the Arioso choir was hosted in Cyprus. In May 2008, our choir traveled for an appearance in Moudania (Greece) with respective choirs of the region and in November of the same year we repaid the hospitality of the choir of the Cultural Youth Organization of Moudania, in Cyprus. In April 2010, the choir of Corfu, was hosted for a show, while in June of the same year our choir was hosted in Corfu to perform together with the local choir. In July 2011, the choir held five performances at the Festival ‘Corale Verona Garda Estate’ that took place in Italy.

Children’s choir of the Municipal Cultural Group of Athienou

The children’s choir of the Municipal Cultural Group of Athienou was set up in 2001 and operated until 2009. It started with 20 members and in a matter of time it reached 50. Maestro of the choir was Mrs. Evdokia Chatzicharos.

The choir made its first appearance in the twinning ceremony of the Community of Tremetousia (occupied by the Turkish military) with the Municipality of Corfu, which was held in Athienou in December 2001. Since then it took part in social and cultural events of both the Municipality (choir meetings, Christmas celebrations, etc.) and other organized groups of Athienou.

The Children’s choir of Athienou also presented during Christmas celebrations and charities held in Nicosia and Larnaka, as well as in other festivals organized in other communities. It also presented during children’s programs on television from the state broadcaster CYBC (RIK)A and SIGMA channels.

On May 1, 2004, the children’s choir of the Municipal Cultural Group took part in the celebrations made for the accession of Cyprus to the European Union. In summer 2004, the choir was hosted by the Association of Friends of Music and Fine Arts of the Municipality of Kyparissia (Peloponnese) and they were hosted in Cyprus in the summer of 2005.

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