• Coordinates and motivates the operating mechanism of the municipal departments for the completion/implementation of projects,
  • Promotes the decisions of the municipal council towards the appropriate departments for execution,
  • Informs the municipal Council adequately and simultaneously provides evidence and information which have been sufficiently studied and processed,
  • Handles the individual topics under the responsibilitiy of the municipality and accordingly submits recommendations and/or takes decisions.
  • Complies with the Law of Municipalities as well as all laws and regulations that concern the Municipality,
  • Prepares and monitors the municipal budget.

Deals with:

  • The preparation and  monitoring of  budgets
  • Conducts and controls the costs and receipts
  • Controls the cash flow of the municipality
  • Prepares financial statements
  • Issues licenses and fees
  • Prepares  and collects taxes, fees and any other charges of the municipality
  • Controls warehouses (stocks related to purchases made)
  • Maintains the bookkeeping of the municipality’s accounts and maintenance of registers and indexes,
  • Prepares  and manages public tenders and contracts

This department consists of an assistant secretary and an accountant.  All tasks are supported and assisted by the chief executive secretary.

Technical services team deals with the technical issues and activities of the municipality with their aim being in what is best for the community.


  • They are responsible for the study and  design of construction works and other projects (road asphalt coatings, drains, etc)
  • They examine building permits
  • They examine objections, complaints, or any procedures for deviations
  • They examine applications for the division of land or buildings
  • They examine applications for the issuance of final building approval certificates
  • The take action for old buildings
  • They apply the provisions of the ‘Roads and Buildings law’ and the ‘Town Planning and Land Planning Law’ and also any other laws and regulations that fall under the responsibilities of the municipality
  • They supervise the completion of development projects in the municipality
  • They deal with leases, exchanges or giving up of government land
  • They take action for any Town Planning topics/issues – Local Plan
  • They deal with building contracts

A vacant position. It is expected that the position of a Health Inspector will soon be filled and he/she will be responsible for the following:

  • Environmental heath (control of water abutments, food, insects, sewerage, garbage, livestock and other effluent, dirt concentration centres and other unhealthy situations, dealing with annoyance complains, etc.)
  • Inspection of public and private establishments (e.g. establishments  producing or selling food, drinks, meat, coffee shops, restaurants, schools, kindergarden school, Kleanthios Elderly house, recreation centres, etc) regarding the issuance of building permits and licences for the sale of alcoholic drinks,  their operation or their hygienic condition
  • Control of pets (e.g. issuance of relative lisenses, cleanliness etc)
  • The inspection and prevention of the transmission of infectious diseases, insect and rodent control,. and the relative disinfections needed around the municipality,
  • The  promotion of citizens’ awareness about  public and environmental health issues  (e.g. speeches, lectures at schools or coffee shops, etc)
  • To organize and control the collection of garbage, road cleaning and pavements, and other public or private open spaces and public toilets, and to assure and maintenance  public health.
  • The training, programming, supervision and coordination of staff The organisation and supervision of the works at the waste rejection site
  • The dealing of citizen complaints in relevant matters and acting accordingly
  • Keeping statistical data relating to the works executed
  • The issuance and delivery of penalties or warnings
  • The supply of different insecticides or other similar products
  • To carry out research, collect and keep evidence
  • To apply the provisions of the ‘Municipality Law and Regulations’ as well and any other laws and regulations that fall under the responsibilities of the municipality
  • To keep minutes of the Municipality’s committees and meetings, along with the promotion and implementation of the decisions taken

This department is responsible for the general cleaning of the community, road cleaning,  removal of dirt, the maintenance of vehicles, the cleaning of the main avenues and squares, the cemetery, to spay disinfectants at residential and farming areas.  Generally they have the responsibility for the maintenance but also the improvement of the environment of the municipality.

This department consists of a supervisor and eight workers, who are responsible for the water supply network (maintenance, improvement and extension etc)

This department deals with:

  • The maintenance and improvement of the green spaces in the community, the parks and the existing gardens and green spots,
  • For the creation and design of new green spots and their embellishment,
  • For the operation and provision of equipment at playgrounds,
  • At the municipality the operation of this service is executed by an external associate under  contract  and one worker from the staff of the municipality

The cultural services team aims at:

  • The promotion and improvement of the cultural level of life in the community
  • The arrangement of different events, lectures, festivals and other cultural activities
  • Meeting the objectives set by the Municipal Cultural Committee

The Athienou Municipality has a procedure for  collecting and handling complaints and suggestions from the public through the “citizens line”.

The ‘citizens line’ is in operation through the phone number  +357 24524004, which is provided free of charge.