General Info

The municipality’s staff have the exclusive mission of continuous improvement and development of the infrastructure as well as the provision of quality service to the community.

Presently the organizational structure includes four assistant secretarial officers, one temporary assistant secretarial officer, one museum curator, a water supply collector, an accounting officer and the chief executive secretary.

The Technical Services department consists of the municipal engineer and a technician.


Administration Department

  • Coordinates and motivates the operating mechanism of the municipal departments for the completion/implementation of projects,
  • Promotes the decisions of the municipal council towards the appropriate departments for execution,
  • Informs the municipal Council adequately and simultaneously provides evidence and information which have been sufficiently studied and processed,
  • Handles the individual topics under the responsibilitiy of the municipality and accordingly submits recommendations and/or takes decisions.
  • Complies with the Law of Municipalities as well as all laws and regulations that concern the Municipality,
  • Prepares and monitors the municipal budget.