Technical services team deals with the technical issues and activities of the municipality with their aim being in what is best for the community.


  • They are responsible for the study and design of construction works and other projects (road asphalt coatings, drains, etc)
  • They examine building permits,
  • They examine objections, complaints, or any procedures for deviations,
  • They examine applications for the division of land or buildings,
  • They examine applications for the issuance of final building approval certificates
  • The take action for old buildings,
  • They apply the provisions of the ‘Roads and Buildings law’ and the ‘Town Planning and Land Planning Law’ and also any other laws and regulations that fall under the responsibilities of the municipality,
  • They supervise the completion of development projects in the municipality,
  • They deal with leases, exchanges or giving up of government land,
  • They take action for any Town Planning topics/issues – Local Plan,
  • They deal with building contracts,