The municipal market of Athienou was built in the 1950s and is considered an excellent example of architecture. It is the work of architect Mr. Neoptolemos Michaelides and a particularly innovative building for the standards of that period.

The building ‘harmoniously’ coexists with the history of Athienou and highlights the role that the municipality played before the tragic events of 1974 and its inextricable link with the plain of Mesaoria.

This public building expresses the bourgeois character of Athienou but in no way conflicts with the traditional architecture of Mesaoria. Before the Turkish invasion, the municipal market was operating as the central mall of the region since residents of nearby villages visited it for purchases and / or to trade their goods.

Today the market is not working and its maintenance has been neglected. The skeleton of the building is of reinforced concrete and it is still in good condition. It can be described as a civil engineering achievement of that period.

The revival of the municipal market is of urgent need in order to save the innovative architecture, but mainly to emphasize the interest of the local population to protect and preserve the rich history of their hometown.

The project of the municipal market redevelopment and landscaping, but also the development of the Square of the Church of Saint Fokas, has already been approved as an urban project with a total budget of   €2.400.000+ VAT

Responsible authority for this undertaking is the Department of Building and Housing, with 80% of the total cost covered by state funds.

The contribution of the Municipality is 20% of the total cost, which will be covered by available appropriations from the consolidated loan concluded by the Municipality with a governmental guarantee.

The Municipal Market will be transformed into a Multifunctional Cultural Center.

The west side will host the Municipal Cultural Association and serve the needs of the choir, dance and theatre groups. It also provided for the establishment of offices for the meetings of the Municipal Cultural Association Committee, a stage for rehearsals, sitting spaces etc. The east side will host the Municipal Library with modernized facilities and equipment. In addition, there will be an open space for the catering needs of children, possibly during afternoon recreational programs.

The design, construction plans and the tender invitation documents were finalized by the Private Consulting agency of Mr. Socrates Stratis, and have been reviewed and approved by the Department of Building and Housing.

In July 2019 bids have been requested for the Project, with an estimated cost of € 1,630,000 excluding VAT.