The  Social Welfare and Care Committee was established in early 2012 with the initiative of the Municipality of Athienou and with the support of the Church and the  Cooperative Bank of Athienou.  Its  Management Committee is currently composed of:

  • Kyriakos Kareklas (Mayor) – Chairman of the Committee
  • Papadimitris Papaioannou (Reverent) – Member
  • Vasos Hatzigiannakou (Representative of Communal Welfare Council) – Member
  • Kostas Hatzipieri (Representative of Communal Welfare Council) – Member
  • Maro Papoui – Member
  • Kyriakos Pampori – Member

The Social Welfare and Care Committee has replaced the Social Welfare Committee that was in force until 2011 and has been introduced as a new program of the Social Welfare Committee of Athienou.

The expanded role Social Welfare and Care Committee is primarily intended to provide economic and other support to families and/or people in real need of support within our municipality.

Recently, the economic crisis that has affected our country is a catalytic factor in the increase of the families and individuals who are unable to meet their basic needs with a decent presence in society.

The responsibilities of the Committee, include the reinforcement of Social Welfare and Care Fund, which is a prerequisite for the successful achievement of the Committee’s goal.

The Committee has issued an open appeal to anyone who wishes and can contribute, to do so by contacting for details with the offices of the Municipality of Athienou. Moreover, anyone who needs help and/or any kind of support that falls within the powers and capabilities of the Committee, should not hesitate to contact one of its members. The Committee assures absolute trust and respect for each individual citizen and his needs.

The fact that the municipal authority and the church participate through the Mayor and the Reverend of our local Church demonstrates the serious effort that is being made in offering to the poor and needy. Furthermore, the Committee contributes into strengthening the social work that is generally done in our Municipality.