The Athienou Community Volunteerism Council was established in December 1970. It includes four programs:

  • Konstantineleneio Adult Center
  • Community Children’s Nursery Station
  • Kleanthios Community Elderly Home
  • Welfare Committee

The establishment of the Council took place at the initiative of the Larnaka Provincial Welfare Office.  The founding assembly included the local organizations and associations of Athienou, the Church, the Community Authority and the local Government Offices under the leadership of the Municipality.

The Council is made up of 48 members, consisting of representatives of the organized community groups and authorities of various departments.

The Administrative Committee is responsible for the administration, supervision, operation, and promotion of the Council. The Committee is elected every two years, and it is chaired by the Mayor.

Currently, the members of the Administrative Committee are:

  • Kyriakos Kareklas – Mayor – President
  • Vasos Hadjigiannakou – Secretary
  • Petros Sammoutos – Treasurer
  • Stavros Kasoumis – Member
  • Christos Papasavas – Member
  • Nikos Neocleousς – Member
  • Chrystalla Kita – Member
  • Panikos Lytras – Member
  • Georgia Hadjitheocharous – Μέλος
  • Kostas Hadjipieri – Member
  • Maro Papoui – Member

The aims of the Council are:

  • Identifying social needs of the municipality and the promotion of the required social services.
  • Mobilizing citizens to participate in the development and improvement of the quality of life.
  • Enlightening and educating the public on existing social needs and social services.

The Council pursues and achieves its objectives by implementing the following actions:

  • The implementation of special programs to meet the social needs of the municipality.
  • The establishment of special committees to undertake specific activities such as (A) financial issues (fund raising), (B) education and research, (C) children welfare, (D) prosperity of young people, (E) well-being of elderly people, etc.
  • Conducting social research, whenever possible, to identify the social needs of the municipality and the effectiveness of the social services offered.
  • Fund raising (from donations, State Sponsorship from the Provincial Welfare Council, events, activities, etc.)
  • The organization of seminars / conferences to enlighten members.
  • Participation in the Provincial Welfare Council.
  • The subscription payment paid by the members is determined annually by the General Assembly.

Once a year, all members of the Council are invited to a General Assembly. The general assembly includes the presentation by the treasurer of the report on the Council’s financial situation and the annual budget. It also raises several issues within the effort to achieve the aims of the Committee and affect the whole of the municipality.