The building complex housing the Kallinikeio Municipal Hall of Athienou is built in a plot of land donated from the Monk – Kallinicos Stavrovouniotis and another bigger piece of land area derived from expropriation.

The complex consists of the following areas:

(a) Municipal Offices

The Municipality of Athienou, the largest municipality in Cyprus in area and one of the oldest municipalities was facing serious problems regarding the housing of its offices and services. There was a great need for the construction of its own Hall for better and higher quality functioning and to improve its services towards the citizens of Athienou.

(b) Monk Kallinikos Stavrovouniotis Museum of Byzantine Art

Monk Kallinikos Stavrovouniotis, the most notable Hagiographer of Cyprus, donated his priceless collection of icons, books, and other sacred objects to his birthplace, Athienou. One of the main terms of this concession was to create a proper area for the exhibition of his collections

(c) Museum for the exhibition of the Archaeological Findings from the “Malloura» site.

For the last fifteen years, an American Archaeological Mission of the Davidson college, North Carolina America, is making excavations in the “Malloura” area with excellent results. The exhibits are now available for viewing at the Archaeological Museum of Larnaca and undoubtedly, they aim is to be transferred to the Athienou Archaeological Museum.

For more details see Archaeological Sites“.

In 1998 following an architectural tender the efforts to build this ambitious project for the Municipality of Athienou, were launched. Early in 2006, the project was completed and the Athienou Municipality services are now housed in the new building.

At the same time, serious efforts are being made to upgrade the services offered as well as technologically modernize them, so that the Municipality of Athienou continues its successful course as a member of the Local Governments of Cyprus.

The goals are set higher, efforts are intensified and the results are better.