The Rehabilitation of the Municipal Market approved to be realised as an Urban Planning Project

Athienou Municipality announces that after getting information for the rejection of the rehabilitation of the Municipal Market, within the Measure 7 of the Rural Development Plan, the Mayor exerted intense pressure for the approval of the project. With the personal intervention of the President of the Republic, the project has been finally approved and it was announced from the President in his visit in Larnaca, on Friday 21/7/2017, to be implemented as an Urban Planning Project in the years 2018-2019. The Mayor expressed his gratitude to the President of the Republic for his intervention and the approval of the project.

At the same visit the Mayor urged for the need of the approval of a special fund to be used for the improvement of the roads of the Municipality, the approval and the construction of an Amphitheater Room at the Elementary School without any contribution from the Municipality and the immediate designing of the Central Square of the Churches. The President of the Republic was positive in all the matters raised by the Mayor of Athienou and he asked the accompanying Ministers of Interior and, Education and Culture, to deal with the first two. He also gave instructions to the Director of the House and Planning Department to arrange with her Department for the fast designing of the Central Square of the Churches.