The Municipality Athienou announces that a request for financing free Wi-Fi installation in the Municipality area has been approved. The application was submitted to the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of the Interior, acting as the Contractor of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization and as Implementing Unit for the Managing Authority (Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment) of the Rural Development Program 2014-2020, under the 3rd Call for Proposals of Measure 7 of the RDP 2014-2020 for Status 7.3 ‘Upgrading the existing broadband infrastructure through the provision of wireless access to key locations in rural areas’, which was launched on 23 April 2018 with a deadline for submission of applications on 31 May 2018.

Specifically, the project “Development of Internet Access Wi-Fi (Internet) in Municipalities and Communities” was approved in Measure 7 of the RDP 2014-2020 and it will be implemented by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, with an approved eligible budget of €589.050. The project is expected to serve communities and municipalities in rural areas, including the Municipality of Athienou, with a total population of more than 100,000.

The project budget will be co-financed by 53% from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and 47% from State resources.

At the same time, the Municipality submitted a timely application for funding another internet access point in its area, within the framework of the WiFi4EU program. This request was not approved and the Municipality will re-apply for funding in the new year, when the call will reopen.