PRESS RELEASE – Transfer Network “Re-grow City”

The Mayor of Athienou Mr Kyriacos Kareklas participated at the meeting of the partners of the Transfer Network “Re-grow City”, of the URBACT Program, that took place from 13 to 15 June 2018 at the city of Altena, Germany. In the Network, that leads the Municipality of Altena, they are partners cities from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Latvia, Slovenia and the Municipality of Athienou.

The Network will promote the transfer of Altena’s Municipality Good Practice, that deals with the Innovative Urban Development of the City, through Civil Society Developing and volunteering participation of the citizens in the planning and construction of innovative works in the city, that helped it to stop the declining trend (from 30,000 citizens in 1970 ended up to around 17.000 today).

The Municipality of Athienou promotes Athienou planning through participatory democracy and taking into account the Good Practice of Altena in the actions taken in its territory.

On the 4th of July 2018, the Lead Expert of the Network will visit the Municipality of Athienou. He has to prepare a transferability study for the transfer of the Municipality of Altena’s Good Practice to the other cities of the Network, including the Municipality of Athienou.