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Volunteerism brings different generations together

Story by Kyriakos Kareklas, Mayor of Athienou

As said at the Storytelling Workshop during the URBACT Mid Term Reflection LP-LE Meeting, Paris 14.11.2019

The old people of the Kleantheios Elder House of Athienou are very happy today. The children from the elementary school of Athienou are coming to the Elder House to plant cucumbers and tomatoes at the yard of the House.

The children come and with the old people that are capable, they start digging and planting, working altogether. The teacher, who is a musician, has everybody to start singing while working.

Athienou is a city that has institutionalised volunteerism, bringing young and old people together.

At the end of the day, the teacher asked the old people if they had a good day and some of them answered that it was their best day ever in their life!


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